This is my second stay at Harmony Davenport. The therapy team is excellent. They always make me smile and encourage me to work hard towards my recovery. The entire staff is kind, courteous and attentive. I am getting ready to go home to continue my recovery, but I would not hesitate to return to Harmony Davenport if I need to. I highly recommend them!

–Terry M.

When Scott was hospitalized, he was told that skilled care would be his best option for recovery. Scott knew exactly where he wanted to go – Harmony Davenport! Scott’s mother was a previous resident at Harmony, and he visited her every Thursday for lunch. The staff treated her well, and he always knew she was well taken care of. When it came time for him to need

additional care, there was no other choice than Harmony Davenport being the place for him. ‘All the staff treat me so great. Sherrie is a great nurse, and Stephanie is the best social worker. The housekeeping staff ensures the facility is clean. During my employment days, I worked in housekeeping, so I have high expectations for cleanliness. If you want a place that treats you like family, Harmony Davenport is the place for you.’

- Scott S.

I chose Harmony Davenport primarily because it’s a VA facility, which was important to me. Before coming here, I had a few incidents where I kept falling due to multiple sclerosis, which has weakened me over time.

In just the short time I’ve been at Harmony Davenport – I’ve already started receiving therapy twice a day. It’s still early, but I feel that the therapy department is really pushing me, which I believe is good for my progress. Today marked my second day of therapy, and while it’s too early to talk about specific goals or improvements, I’m hopeful about our direction.

So far, my time at the facility has mostly been about settling in and organizing my room. It’s been just a few days, so I’m still trying to get situated and familiar with the new environment.

While it’s still very early in my stay at Harmony Davenport, I appreciate the therapy efforts and the environment here. I’m looking forward to seeing how the therapy will help me, and I’d recommend it because it is part of the VA system

- Billy C.
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